Institutions Using Pressbooks

Who’s Using Pressbooks?

Ryerson/eCampus Ontario has a dedicated Pressbooks instance for universities throughout Ontario, Canada, to create, remix and disseminate OER including Open Textbooks.

Fortress Press moved the bulk of their book production (mainly of scholarly monographs in theology) to Pressbooks, saving money and time, and increasing speed to market. They produce more than 100 books per year on Pressbooks.

UC Berkeley is the first university to offer access to create for on its PressbooksEDU network to the entire campus community, including students, faculty and staff.

Ohio State has 18 published books on its PressbooksEDU network, with more in the works.

University of Wisconsin-Madison has been using Pressbooks to produce open textbooks and OER since 2015.

Tufts University School of Medicine selected Pressbooks as their platform for developing a series of faculty-developed syllabi and corresponding course materials.

Open Oregon creates open textbooks on Pressbooks as part of their competitive open educational resources program.

Michigan Publishing has used Pressbooks to support a range of non-traditional publishing, including monographs, a series of histories of university faculties, and other grey publishing endeavours.

BCcampus OpenEd, the implementing agency for the British Columbia mandated Open Textbook program, has developed 40 new open textbooks using the Pressbooks platform.

Made on Pressbooks

See open textbooks and other educational projects built using Pressbooks.