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Early Am Lit open textbook CoverThe Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature (Robin DeRosa): Robin DeRosa, a professor at Plymouth State University, used Pressbooks as part of an open pedagogy project in her classroom. Throughout the course of a semester, she led her students in a project to design The Open Anthology to Earlier American literature. What emerged was a textbook complete with introductions written by students, and excerpted texts edited by DeRosa. It was the first and only openly licensed anthology of its kind. DeRosa has since embarked on other Open Textbook projects but this book has inspired the creation of a second edition led by Timothy Robbins, a professor at Graceland University.

Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers Web Literacy open textbook Cover(Michael Caulfield): Michael Caulfield, professor at Washington State University, sought to write a practical guide that addresses the real problems that students navigating the web face on a regular basis. Caulfield was determined to create an “instruction manual to reading on the modern internet.” Throughout the book, he provides students with strategies they can employ to better gauge the validity of online information. Caulfield’s book has become a well-praised resource for any student who goes online for information or entertainment.

Financial Strategy for Public Managers Financial Strategy open textbook Cover(Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe): University of Washington professors Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe used Pressbooks to create a book for students in Master of Public Administration programs. One of many projects of the Rebus Community, this textbook has been designed to serve as the core text for a comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate course on public financial management. Kioko and Marlowe have collaborated with the Rebus community to use this book as a test-case for accessibility and inclusive design in open textbooks.

OER Research open textbook CoverOpen Research (OER Hub): OER researchers from the Open University Rebecca Pitt, Beatriz de los Arcos, Robert Farrow, and Martin Weller created this open textbook based on an award-winning course, Open Research. This book was created and delivered as part of the OER Hub’s larger goal of producing resources for the OER research community and includes learning objective boxes, videos, and activities. The OER hub team used Pressbooks to create this resource with the aim of educating individuals interested in openness, open education, research skills, or OERs more broadly.

Beginning Excel open textbook coverBeginning Excel (Open Oregon): Portland Community College professors Noreen Brown, Barbara Lave, Julie Romey, Mary Schatz, and Diane Shingledecker collaborated to create Beginning Excel, a guide instructing students to learn Microsoft Excel. This book is one of many under the Open Oregon umbrella, and is designed to be an affordable textbook for introductory-level community college courses.

Open Textbook Guide CoversBC Open Textbook Adoption Guide (Lauri Aesoph): Part of the BC Open Textbook Project at BCcampus, this resource was created by Lauri Aesoph along with the assistance of faculty from universities including University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, University of Fraser Valley, and Thompson Rivers University. It serves as a guide for instructions looking to assign an open textbook in their classroom and in the process, covers topics ranging from open education to Creative Commons licences.

Cover Media Innovation Entrepreneurship open textbookMedia Innovation & Entrepreneurship More than 20 authors and numerous reviewers including student beta testers were involved in the making of this open textbook project led by co-editors Michelle Ferrier, a former associate dean at Ohio University and Elizabeth Mays, an adjunct faculty at Arizona State University, with support from the Rebus Community. The editors sought to fill a gap in resources for the growing number of faculty who teach media innovation, journalism entrepreneurship and the business of journalism in journalism and mass communications programs.

Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students open textbook CoverLiterature Reviews for Education & Nursing Graduate Students (Linda Frederiksen, Sue F. Phelps): This book from authors Linda Frederiksen and Sue F. Phelps, librarians at Washington State University, helps students recognize the significant role the literature review plays in the research process and prepare them for the work that goes into writing one. Students learn how to form a research question, search existing literature, synthesize results, and write the review. Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students also contains examples, checklists, supplementary materials, and additional resources. It was built with support from Rebus Community.

Cover Guide to Making Open Textbooks with StudentsGuide to Making Open Textbooks With Students (Rebus Community): This resource from Rebus Community features essays, project examples, assignments and resources to help faculty conduct open pedagogy projects in their classrooms. It includes an introduction to open pedagogy from open pedagogy experts Robin DeRosa, director of interdisciplinary studies at Plymouth State University, and Rajiv Jhangiani, University Teaching Fellow in Open Studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Also included are project ideas, case studies, interviews with and first-person accounts from faculty and students engaged in open textbook projects in the classroom. The project was edited by Elizabeth Mays at Rebus.

Cool Japan: Case Studies from Japan’s Cultural and Creative Industries (Bluesky Academic Publishing) by former business professor Tim Craig contains 12 case studies on Japanese cultural industries, both pop and traditional. It has been adopted in Introduction to Japan and Japanese Culture courses as well as university courses on pop culture. Read more.