Pressbooks is an online book/document formatting system that you can use to create books that are accessible on all platforms: in print and digital, including all smartphones, tablets, ereader devices, and computers.

It enables anyone to produce professional, platform-agnostic outputs of books in multiple formats: PDF (print and digital) | WEB | EPUB | MOBI | ODT| XML | WXR| XHTML.

Pressbooks is widely used in universities to create open textbooks, but it can also be used to create scholarly monographs, proceedings of symposia, grey publishing, course syllabi, dissertations, and more. It is also used by independent authors, publishers and small presses.

Here’s who’s using Pressbooks:

  • Universities, producing textbooks, syllabi, and other educational resources
  • University professors, making materials for their classes
  • University presses producing scholarly monographs
  • Small and medium publishers looking for more efficient workflows, and digital-first publishing
  • Non-profits producing reports and documents
  • Authors who want an easy way to make a book and get it into print-on-demand and ebook stores

See how educational institutions are using Pressbooks.

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